Operation Park Hall Garden

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Operation Park Hall Garden in memory of a friend and his Altruism

Who will always be remembered

There is no greater gift than that of friendship and Altruism, 

Mr Neil Wilson was such man and in his younger days he became an Infantry Junior Leader, at the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion in Oswestry where he made many friends and remembered all the happy times he had there.

So some time ago he rented a plot of land at Park Hall camp which was now colsed and set out to make a Rememberance Garden in memory of Infantry Junior leaders Battalion, which had giving him such happy memories of his time there.

Altruism at its best.

Ill health set in alas passed away but his dream had not, his wife Linda and members of IBB & IJLB Association with there good ladies went on in honour of a friend and comrade, and completed this garden.

By his example of altruism many Ex-Infantry Junior Leaders and the people of Oswestry, have a garden that will bring backs of happy times of IJLB being at Oswestry and that people of Oswestry were a big part of that IJLB family.

So if you are passing through Oswestry please visit the garden at Park Hall

Below are some Pictures of the rememberance Garden and those who helped complete a really worth while cause and show the good fellowship had not been forgotten.

Let it ever be in your mind that even the humblest, if he sets before his fellow man an example of Sobriety and up right Honsesty of purpose in life as a present influence upon the well being of others, for his life passes unconsciously into lives of others and propagates good character. Trufulness is one of the noblest qualities of man and he who is posessed of it, united with strength of purpose, carrries with him a power that is irrsistible and is strong to do good.

Neil Wilson had all these qualities, we are all proud to have you as friend and comrade you will not be forgotten.

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Remembrance Park Hall Garden

Remembrance Park Hall Garden

IBB & IJLB Cap Badge

IBB & IJLB Painting

IBB & IJLB Memorial at Oswestry

Memorial at Oswestry

Volunteers at Remembrance Garden

Ground work begins

Remembrance Garden Bench

Remembrance Park Hall Garden ready for Shurbs and Plants

Memorial Tribute

Manx Flag

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